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Photojournalist/multimedia news guy based in Tokyo, Japan.Forever on a never-ending quest to better myself through living my dreams without regret or shame, while giving a voice to those who have none.

J7 on Putt-Putt

I have traveled back and forth to Japan for about 13 years now– been fascinated with this place since I was a child, and if you ask me why– honestly, I couldn’t really explain.  I just feel more at home here, y’know? Now I’m set to embark upon a new mission that will carry me south onto the island of Taiwan.
Professionally I am a journalist primarily covering East Asia and the tech sectors, and have worked in TV, film, print, radio, and multimedia/web since…well before DSL and WiFi! I love working with video and multimedia as a producer the most, but I’m happy doing anything in the New Mediarealm. I was a teacher of  English and Mass Communication at a large private school in Tokyo, but recently became a full-time International News Editor for Tomo News. Time to learn (even more) Kanji (or Hanzi…) and get those tones down.

For fun, you can find me wandering around the nether reaches of Asia and the rest of the world with a camera, backpack, and little more than $30 on me… Who needs a hotel room when theres so much outside…outside!

Feel free to contact me anytime for more!

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