SOPA is O-VA!!

Ding dong the witch is dead, all hail the witch is dead!!!

House Kills SOPAIn a surprise move today, Representative Eric Cantor(R-VA) announced that he will stop all action on SOPA, effectively killing the bill. This move was most like

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Mike Elgan originally shared this post:

He’s right… PIPA is the next head on this stupid hydra’s neck, so let’s take that one down too…

SOPA is dead; its evil Senate twin, PIPA, lives on – Boing BoingBy Cory Doctorow at 7:22 am Monday, Jan 16 House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has killed SOPA, stopping all action on it. He didn’t say why he killed it, but the overwhelming, widespread unpopularity of the bill and the threat of a presidential veto probably had something to do with it.

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